I've almost made my choice

I think I am on the homestretch on the search for my new vehicle. I started the whole process about a month ago which is about how long it usually takes me. I do everything online now and have been for years. I think it is easier that way and most dealerships will deal with you and if they don’t then that is their loss. I won’t go in to look at one unless I already know what I am going to be paying for it and that includes an out the door price. I know that they (being the dealerships) don’t like doing it that way but this is the 21st century and times have changed. So I have narrowed down my search to two different cars. I am going tomorrow to test drive each and then I’ll decide on which one I will be driving home. It turns out they are both at the same place which is sort of weird how that happened but it is good too as I won’t have to go to two different places.
The first one is a Dodge Challenger and I love everything about it except it is an automatic. I have no idea why they would make a car like that and not offer a manual transmission but they did. It however isn’t a deal breaker so yeah that is my first option. The other one is a newer Pontiac G5 that I like a lot. If both of them test drive well I am going to have a hard time deciding on which one to get. I still need to compare car insurance quotes on them so that might help me decide too.
My girlfriend Margaret is going to be coming with me and I’m sure she will have an opinion on which one to get too. She can tell me whatever she wants but I am not going to let her sway my decision. She isn’t the one that is going to be driving it after all and it isn’t like we are married. We don’t even live together although that is something that might change here in the near future. Her lease is up next month and she casually mentioned that she should move in with me instead of renewing it. We’ll see what happens there but I am  not against it by any means. She more or less lives here as it is anyways.


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